Frequently Asked Questions

Can i test a demo version before purchasing web hosting package?

Yes, You can test Demo cPanel by clicking on Demo cPanel from Main Menu. You need to put these details to access demo version of cPanel:
User: demo
Password: Demo-12345678


Why should I buy your services?

Because we are offering something special that you can’t find from anywhere else. We’ve offering FREE Website Hosting package (some Terms & Conditions Apply) with every domain purchase for lifetime. That’s encouraging for newbies, started very small business or want to test our services.


What is Softaculous for cPanel?

Softaculous is integrated into cPanel and users can access 444 apps and can Install apps within seconds with just ONE CLICK. By using Softaculous you can install WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PrestaShop, Magento etc. within seconds.


How can i install Softaculous apps?

As you can see, Softaculous is enabled and can be used for cPanel clients. They can log in to their cPanel accounts and use the one-click installer to install their favorite applications.
If you like to check the list of applications which you can install using Softaculous, please navigate to:

The list is huge, but you can easily find the application which match your needs since all the applications are grouped into categories. Additionally, you can preview the applications one by one and check their features, ratings, screen shots and user reviews.


Do you have any Site Builder?

Yes, We have a professional Site Builder included in cPanel. You can choose your favorite template from over 340 professional built-in template to create a stunning website in minutes.


Where do I get my access data?

You will receive your access authorization from us by e-mail immediately after the account has been set up. This is usually sent to you shortly after you place your order and after we will have received your initial payment.


What payment options are there?

We accept payment by bank transfer, PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, JazzCash, Easy Paisa and Western Union. You can use your credit card with either PayPal or Skrill.


How long does setup & domain order take?

We usually set up the domain within a few hours but it may take between 12 and 24 hours before the domain(s) is/are registered. If you would like to transfer an existing domain to us, this normally takes one to three days. (Please note that orders placed using bank transfer as a payment option can only be processed after the first payment has been received).
Since set up is considerably more complex for dedicated servers than for packages, the configuration of a dedicated server can take one to three days.
If you choose the ‘Instant Setup’ upgrade, you will get your server installed for sure within 12 hours after we will have received your initial payment.


When do I have to pay and what happens if I fall into arrears?

It is important that there is a cover period of 2 days before the beginning of a new monthly period. If this payment is not made we will suspend access to your server at the beginning of the new monthly period. You will receive an e-mail reminder ten days before the beginning of a new monthly period.
Should you fail to contact us regarding a server for which payment is not covered, data loss cannot be ruled out.


Can I order additional domains for my package/server?

Yes, you can. This is easy and can be done at any time. Please order additional domains under the menu item “Domains”.


I've received an invoice, but I'm sure I have already transferred the amount stated.

Irrespective of payments made in advance, we are obliged to send an invoice for rendered services. If you have already paid in advance, please regard the invoice as confirmation. This does not apply, of course, if you have been notified about non-payment – in that case, please send your payment immediately. You can view your payment history as well as previous invoices and you can send new PayPal and Skrill transfers in a comfortable way, anytime.


I want to transfer a domain to SSD Web Hosting?

Transferring a domain to us is child’s play. Simply order the domain which is to be transferred in the section “Register/transfer-in domain” under the menu item “Domains. During the order process you will be requested to insert the “auth code”. The “auth code” is an authorization code also known as EPP key, EPP code, domain key, or auth info; it is uniquely assigned to a domain. Please contact your domain provider to receive the auth code. We require the auth code to start the transfer; without it a transfer is not possible.


I am interested in more details about your data center.

We operates two high-performance data centers in Munich and Nuremberg for its customers.


How long is the support staffed per day?

Our support experts are available via WhatsApp Chat, & FaceBook Messenger at least from 11 a.m. till 11 p.m. (GMT) every day – also on public holidays as well as on sundays. Furthermore you can contact us at anytime via our support e-mail address


How can I check the current status of your data centers or whether there are service interruptions?

You can inform yourself about the current status of our data centers on our website https:// . We are working hard to avoid any kind of interruptions and to ensure that you do not have to face any issues. Should there, however, be some interference in one of our data centers, we will be posting updates about the current status/progress on the aforementioned website.


I cannot transfer my domain to Contabo, but I want to use your DNS servers

If you would like to use domains from third party providers, you can register an unlimited number of DNS entries on our name servers free of charge. You can easily create DNS entries in our control panel menu item “DNS Zone Management”. After the creation of the accordant DNS zone and once our name servers are assigned to your domain at your current domain provider, you can administer your domain in a very comfortable and secure way. Only the current domain provider is able to change the assigned name servers. Thus, you will have to contact the domain provider directly, or alternatively use an administration panel from your domain provider if available.


I want to recommend your products, do I get money for successful promotions?

Yes, for this reason we have started our affiliate program, for more details please send us an email at


How can I order a new domain?

You can order the domain of your choice at any time under the menu item “Domains. There, you can find an up-to-date domain list with the corresponding prices and contract periods by clicking the button “Price list”. We are offering the largest database of domain extensions with cheapest possible renewal prices.


How can I order a new product as an existing client?

If you already are one of our customers, please also place your order on our website. After choosing a category from the product menu, you can start the order process with any of the “Customize & order” buttons and continue with “Order now” after the product specification. On the next site, you will be requested to enter your customer data amongst others. Choose the option “I am already customer”. You will find this option on the left in the section “Your data”. Now, you only need to enter your contact e-mail address which is stored in our data base, and you should also tick the box „Allow us to use your existing customer account balance…“ – we explicitly recommend to tick the box as it can significantly improve the order process. Complete the order with the buttons “Review and submit order” and “Order bindingly”.


How do I order upgrades for existing products?

You can order upgrades for existing products at any time. Just send an e-mail to We will be pleased to give you advice and help you realizing your plans.


Does my server or webspace at SSD WebHosting come with a DDoS Protection?

Yes. All servers and webspace packages in our datacenters are provided with a DDoS Protection by default. Our customers don’t have to take any actions in order to benefit from it – DDoS Protection is activated for all of our customers automatically and free of charge. We work continuously on further improving so our protection system can repel many different attacks. However, like any other DDoS protection, our protection system cannot provide a guarantee that any DDoS attack imaginable will be repelled.


How do I order options (additional web space etc.)?

You can order additional web space, more databases, e-mail addresses etc. by e-mail. For initial registration this may also be carried out using the order form, of course.


Can I change the package?

Yes, you can. This is possible free of charge. In the case of a ‘down-grade’ change, however, we cannot refund any price differences. When changing a server or changing from a package to a server, you must transfer your data by yourself. The following case is an exception: The administration software cPanel is installed on both servers, which enables automatic account transfer. When upgrading a package, you may still continue to use the old package.


Can I install Teamspeak Server or other software on my package web space?

Root access to the server is required in order to install additional software that is not yet available via our panel. For security reasons we cannot provide this for packages – only for dedicated servers or VPS products. If you order your own server of course, you have a free hand to install any software you like.


Can I place an additional order for HDDs/RAM for my server?

Yes, that’s no problem at all. Just send an e-mail to We will be pleased to give you advice and help you realizing your plans.


I need individual software support. Can you please help me?

Our technical experts will be happy to support you with your individual software issues (like the installation of special PHP-scripts, database administration, etc.).


With which administration panel can I control my webspace package?

You can administrate your webspace package via the very professional and state-of-the-art web administration tool ‘cPanel’.


Is it possible to backup my files automatically at your backup server?

Sure, for this reason we offer the ‘100% Auto-Backup’ upgrade.
This upgrade will provide regular backups for your entire webspace package (also databases, configuration settings, etc.) on the exclusive backup server in our data center which is equipped with several hard disks in an expensive RAID 6 array.
With this upgrade, there will be regular backups of your entire webspace package, a monthly backup.
If you want to access backup states, just contact our support team and we will take care of the rest!


How much do I have to pay for the traffic?

The traffic is unlimited, so you don’t need to care about how much traffic you use every month.


Can I do Flash FXP-Server-to-Server-Transfers with my server?

You have full root-access on all of our servers, therefore you can disable or enable FXP.


I need more bandwidth than included by default, do you offer individual bandwidth upgrades?

We can offer you also dedicated (=unshared) bandwidth with unlimited traffic. Please note that unshared bandwidth is a premium solution: you will have the bandwidth available at any time, exclusively reserved and unlimited. You can define the individual dedicated bandwidth yourself, everything between 101 Mbit/s and 10 Gbit/s is possible! For more details please contact our support team at would be more than happy to advice you in this regard.


How much traffic is included?

The traffic is unlimited, so you don’t need to care about how much traffic you use every month.
Furthermore, the bandwidth is shared, which means that a pool of servers shares a bigger bandwidth. We don’t oversubscribe our bandwidth capacities unlike many other providers. Thus, generally the full 100 mbit/s or 1 Gbit/s port speed is provided to you anytime.
We only would have to limit the bandwidth if the usage would be permanently much too high. For more details, please just have a look at the specific terms at our offers.
But we also offer dedicated (=unshared) bandwidth with unlimited traffic in predefined packages. These packages can be selected during the order process or at any later point in time via e-mail. With one of these packages you will have the selected bandwidth available at any time, exclusively and unlimited.


Can I order additional IP addresses for my VPS / Dedicated Server?

It is possible to order up to 20 additional IP addresses per VPS and up to 100 additional IP addresses per dedicated server. The monthly price is 3.00 USD for each IP address. To order them, please just contact us by e-mail concerning this matter. Our support team is ready to assist you immediately.


How can I control my VPS / Dedicated Server?

You get full root access (for Linux) or full administrator access (for Windows) to your server. Therefore of course you can install any software you want on your server.
For Linux remote access, please let us recommend the SSH client ‘putty’ – Windows server can be controlled via the ‘Remote Desktop’ client.
Additionally, every VPS can be controlled via VNC by default.
Furthermore, there are a lot of options in our control panel for your server. For example, to reboot your server – even if it is not accessible anymore – or perform a complete reinstallation of your server with one of several operating systems.


Are there any restrictions regarding the content or the software installations on my VPS / Dedicated Server?

In general, our servers are unmanaged root servers. Our customers have exclusive access to their servers. Provided that there are no violations against German law or our ToS (Terms of Service) we do not check what you are using your server for.


Is it possible to order backup space, so that I can backup my data on your backup server?

Sure! We offer various Backup-Space upgrades which can be either ordered directly with your Dedicated Server / VPS or also later via e-mail. Then you can easily backup your data via FTP(S) on one of our high-end RAID 6 backup servers.


I want to request a hard-reset reboot

You can perform hard reboots anytime for free. Please just log into our control panel and click on “Server reboots” in the menu on the left.
In case your server is a virtual private server, please click on “VPS control” in the menu on the left. Then you are able to start, stop or restart your VPS with just one click.


Which operating systems are available for my VPS / Dedicated Server?

During your order, you can choose between various Linux distributions (Cent OS, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora und openSUSE) as well as order one of our Windows Server upgrades.


I need an individual operating system installation with specific parameters

That is no problem, please just send us the details via e-mail to, and we will be happy to offer you the price for an individual operating system installation by our technical experts.


Please reinstall the operating system

You can perform reinstalls or boot a rescue system anytime for free. Please just log into our Control Panel and click on “Your services” in the menu on the left. Then just click on the “Reinstall” icon next to the server you want to reinstall. This procedure applies for both dedicated servers (including collocated servers in our premises) and VPS.


Is it possible to order an administration web panel as upgrade for my VPS / Dedicated Server?

Sure! We offer the following web administration panels as upgrades:
– cPanel/WHM
– Plesk (various feature packs and versions available, also available for Windows)
– Webmin


I need individual software support. Can you please help me?

Our technical experts will be happy to support you with your individual software issues (like the installation of special software or scripts, database administration, etc.). This ‘remote-hand’ service by our IT professionals costs 25 EUR per beginning of each 15 minutes.


Is it possible to let you manage/administrate the server?

Yes, therefore we offer you our ‘Managed Server’ upgrade.
This upgrade turns your root server into a managed server: Our technicians take care of the security, the upgrades and – as far as possible – the stability of the server system. Furthermore you can make use of our extended customer support whenever you need it. With the Managed Server, it is up to you: After ordering this upgrade, you simply inform us about the technical tasks you would like us to perform, the ones that need to be done once and the ones to be carried out monthly. Our team of expert technicians will then implement your requirements. The price of this upgrade includes two full hours of technical support per month. Should one of your tasks take longer, we will contact you immediately. Then you can decide if it should be billed separately or its scope should be limited, for example. Please find below a list of sample server management tasks you can assign to our technicians upon ordering this upgrade:
– System and hardware optimization
– Software installation and configuration
– Implementing security patches Kernel upgrades
– Emergency problem resolution
– Ongoing OS and control panel updates
– Setting up a backup routine
All common Linux and Windows Operating systems are supported.


Is there a monitoring option available for my Dedicated Server / VPS?

Yes, for this purpose we offer you our ‘Full Monitoring’ upgrade.
This upgrade provides you with an individual login-area with various monitoring features (and, if you wish, automatic alert messages) for your server. It includes:
– bandwidth monitoring of your server, monitored directly at our switch
– online / offline monitoring of your server
– monitoring of various services like apache, ftp, etc. (more available)
– automatic alert messages per e-mail or SMS (100 SMS per month included, further SMS available per order) about off times


I want to control my Dedicated Server via a KVM over IP device and/or I want to use a special DVD

Both is possible – permanent as well as temporary for 24 hours. Either you can order the permanent KVM upgrade with your online order or you can order the permanent KVM upgrade as well as the temporary KVM upgrade via our e-mail support.


When are the business hours of your standard support? Is there a special support upgrade available?

Our highly qualified staff can be contacted on 365 days per year (-> also on Sundays and public holidays) at least from 8 a.m. till 11 p.m. (CET) via phone or at anytime via e-mail.
Furthermore you can order our ‘Emergency Support’ upgrade:
You need reaction times within few minutes if problems arise – no matter if during the day, at night, or even on weekends and holidays?
Then, the high-quality upgrade ‘Emergency Support’ is the right choice for you. It includes:
– Guaranteed reaction and solving attempt (within the normal remote hands costs) within max. 60 minutes, at any day or night time (in case of an emergency at night time a special phone number is provided). Also on weekends and holidays.
– preferred treatment in comparison to other requests in the waiting queue
– can be used for up to five servers
Every customer is king with us, even without this upgrade. With this upgrade, you are emperor.


I´m connected to my VPS via VNC - but all I see is a black screen

If you see a black screen initially, that is correct, just click into the VNC window and press enter. Your operating system will then respond with the login screen.


I´m trying to log-in to my VPS via VNC and I´m using the correct password, however the login procedure fails

If you have problems logging in with your regular password, that might be due to your keyboard layout, the Y and Z keys may be inverted. In this case, you have to hit the z key when you want to type a y and vice versa.
You can easily test your keyboard settings if you type the password into the user name input field (do not press enter), watch what happens then and compare the password with the result of your entry. If you, for example, enter zzz on you keyboard as username, you see that VNC interprets that as yyy.


Is it possible to host my servers in two different data centers?

Yes, this is possible. Both data centers of Contabo are located in two different cities in Germany, being several hundreds of kilometers far apart from each other and being supplied with electrical power of two different electricity grid operators (SWM and N-ERGIE). All your servers can be targetly placed on both data center locations, without any extra costs. Thanks to this geographical redundancy your services stay online, even if a data center is being destroyed by fire, water or other catastrophes or if the operation is interrupted. Feel free to contact our customer support for any realization inquiries regarding the separation of your dedicated servers or virtual private servers on two different locations.


What is the difference between “HDD + SSD-boost” and “100% SSD”?

When you opt for a VPS from our series “HDD + SSD-boost” you get a virtual server with a standard hard-disk (HDD) and an additional SSD-boost. Consequently, you receive a lot of disk-space for your data and at the same time the SSD-boost ensures that your VPS has a strong I/O performance. Compared to ordinary VPS without SSD-boost, our servers offer you a much quicker access to your data.
In our new series “100% SSD” we only use the latest solid state drives (SSDs), which are much faster than standard hard-disks (HDDs). As a result, the performance of your VPS increases significantly since all your data is stored on SSDs only and can be handled with a much better read-write speed.


Is it possible to receive a satellite feed?

Yes, you can receive signals of Astra 19.2°E or Eutelsat Hot Bird 13.0°E in our Nuremberg data center. The satellite feed is available both for collocated servers as well as for dedicated servers. No additional hardware is required from your side, neither in the server itself nor peripheral to it, because you will receive the satellite feed on your server directly via Ethernet. Since a separate network card is used for this service, your regular uplink will still be able to run at full capacity. HD is supported. This is all made possible by the upgrade “satellite feed” which you can select during the order process. You can switch between channels of Astra and Hot Bird at any time. It is even possible to receive channels of both satellites simultaneously if you order the upgrade twice (you will receive two network cards in this case).


Is it possible to collocate my servers in two different data centers?

Yes, this is possible. Both data centers are located in two different cities in Germany, being several hundreds of kilometres far apart from each other and being supplied with electrical power of two different electricity grid operators (SWM and N-ERGIE). All your servers can be targetly collocated on both data center locations, without any extra costs. Thanks to this geographical redundancy your services stay online, even if a data center is being destroyed by fire, water or other catastrophes or if the operation is interrupted. Feel free to contact our customer support for any realization inquiries regarding the separation of your servers on two different locations.


I want to buy the Hardware from you to then use it for the Collocation offers. Is that possible?

Sure, please just contact our support team with your hardware requirements – we will be more than happy to send you our offer.


I have very individual requirements for my collocation equipment, can you therefore also offer individual solutions?

As we run our own high-end data centers in Munich as well as in Nuremberg, Germany, we are very flexible regarding any special requirements. No matter if you want for example to use special telecom equipment, your own racks or full cage solutions – we will be more than happy to send you our individual offer.


What is the speed with which my server will be connected to the Internet and how does billing for traffic work?

You alone can decide about the speed (bandwidth) with which you server will be connected to the Internet:
After having chosen the desired housing module, you can choose the bandwidth module. This module determines the connection to the Internet of your server and how billing is handled. You can, for example, choose the standard connection, a so called ‘shared bandwidth pool’ with no traffic limit at 16.99 USD / month. You can also choose ‘dedicated’ bandwidth, which is reserved entirely for your server and is usable in full only by you, all the time. The price of dedicated bandwidth depends on the number of mbit/s you want to order.


How can I send my server to you and how is it taken online?

Once you have ordered, you can send your server to our data center (we can recommend UPS as logistics company because their handling of packages is reasonable). Please include a note containing your full name as well as your customer-ID and additional information which enables us to identify you. If there are special instructions regarding the setup of the server, please also include them with the package.
Once your server and the first payment have arrived we will let you know about our address and setup your server and connect it to the Internet.
Of course, we will provide you with the IP information for your server before you will render the server to us.


Where is the data center located and how is it equipped?

We operates two own data centers providing all kinds of hosting and collocation services. Our ultra-modern “Green Data Center” in Munich was planned and built in 2009. It is able to accommodate 4.000 server systems. Our second data center, located in Nuremberg, was taken into operation in 2014 and has space for further 10.000 server systems. At both sites, our office and support rooms are situated in the same building, just one floor above the data center.
In terms of your operational reliability and energy efficiency both data centers are on the cutting edge of modern technology. Every year we invests a large amount in maintenance and optimization of the entire data center infrastructure in order to provide a stable and, thanks to low operating costs, a cost-effective platform for the server operation.
Our collocation customers are able to choose directly in the menu of our website (during the order process) whether they like to place their server in Munich or Nuremberg (or both in case you want to collocate more than one server at two different places).


Can I collocate any type of server - including self-assembled servers?

Generally: Yes. You should, however, take care that rack servers meet the standard dimensions of 19″-racks and that tower servers (servers with normal PC-cases) do not exceed the following dimensions:
height: 41 cm
width: 19.5 cm
depth: 48 cm
Should a rack server take up more than one U in the rack, or should a tower server exceed the dimensions outlined above, additional housing modules become necessary. The same is true when the average power consumption exceeds the maximum power available with an offer.
If you, for example, want to collocate a tower server with the following dimensions: 50cm x 22cm x 45 cm (hxwxd) and an average power consumption of 170 watts, two standard housing modules will be necessary.
Finally, it is your task to ensure that all hardware and equipment, which is sent in, is secure and cannot cause damage to the facility or other equipment.


The VPS-SSD are more expensive and have less storage space. Does it make sense for me to rent one of those or even to move to a SSD VPS from my existing VPS?

Compared to standard hard-disks (HDDs), SSD disks are currently much more expensive. We have tightly calculated the best possible price for you.
It is up to you to consider your needs: If you either require a lot of disk space (maybe then one of our dedicated servers is an option for you as well) or if you focus on quick access time because you operate databases and applications that process many read and write tasks per second.

Generally speaking: SSD disks are superior to standard hard-disks with regard to their speed and longevity. After all these flash-disks do not contain any mechanical or movable components which could break down. By the way: Their price decreases over time – and we always forward lower prices to our valued customers.


How do snapshots from the VPS series “100% SSD” work?

Our new VPS-SSD series offers you the possibility to create so-called “snapshots” of your system. This means that the current state of your system is saved and stored. This is a useful tool which allows you to run risk-free updates of apps or install new software on your system. In case you encounter any issues afterwards, you can easily “rollback” your system to its previous state. You can perform a snapshot yourself through your customer control panel by clicking the “Create snapshot” button. If you want to reset your system at a later point in time, simply click the “Rollback”-icon.


Is a snapshot the same as a system backup?

No, when you create a backup you can then restore single files or folders. A snapshot allows you to restore the entire system only. It is especially useful to generate a snapshot in case you like to try out new applications. Whenever you encounter issues, you can simply reset your system to its previous state with just one mouse-click.


Can I create snapshots at will and save them forever?

Depending on your VPS-SSD model, you may save between one and four snapshots at the same time. Please note that a snapshot will be deleted automatically after 30 days. You can see the date of its creation as well as the date of its auto-deletion in your Customer Control Panel when you click the snapshot-icon.
Regarding the rollback, please keep in mind: If you have, for example, saved three snapshots and you select to restore the system status from the middle snapshot (chronologically speaking), the most recent snapshot will be deleted automatically. You cannot return to that snapshot afterwards. Only the oldest one is then still available.


Is the new snapshot function available for all VPS?

No, this new function is only available for our VPS of the series “100% SSD”. If you purchase (or own) a VPS of the series “HDD + SSD-Boost” you can create your own backups. For that we do offer you the option to rent additional disk-space on our specific backup servers.


I am a VPS customer of yours already. Can I move with all of my data to one of your fast VPS-SSD?

No, due to their different architecture the two VPS-series are incompatible. You can only upgrade with a confirmed “loss of data”, which means that all your applications will have to be installed again by yourself on your new SSD VPS.
The same applies in case you want to move from a SSD VPS to one of our VPS with HDD and SSD-boost.


IPv6- What is it all about?

IPv6 is a new protocol which exists already and which presently operates simultaneously with IPv4. It will supersede IPv4 in the future.

IPv4 addresses are the ones known today, which consist of 4 numeric blocks divided by a dot. Due to the ever faster growing Internet structure and the continuously expanding number of devices connected to it, IPv4 addresses have become scarce by now. Technically, however, it is not possible to expand the number of IPv4 addresses, and therefore, a completely new protocol has been created with IPv6. This incorporates a substantially bigger number of addresses and is capable of coping with future challenges and requirements.


How do I recognize a IPv6 address?

Since IPv6 addresses are entirely different from IPv4, they can be identified easily. IPv6 addresses in their normal configuration consist of 8 hexadecimal tuples, divided by a colon. Here is an example of such an IP address:


How do I configure IPv6 on my server?

When placing a new order, your dedicated server or VPS will already be prepared and preconfigured with IPv6, so that you can reach your server via IPv6 immediately upon receipt of the login details. The manual setup of IPv6 on your server differs only marginally from setting up an IPv4 address.


How can I use IPv6 on my virtual or dedicated server?

For establishing a connection with your server with IPv6, it is necessary that your ISP already provides IPv6 and that you are using IPv6 when browsing the Internet. For testing purposes as to whether or not you are using the IPv6 protocol already, please try the following link:
With each VPs or dedicated server, you will get an assignment of 65.535 additional IPv6 addresses that you can use upon your own discretion without limitations. Of course, you will still get one IPv4 address with your VPS or dedicated server, which ensures that you can use all our products, even if you are not yet participating in IPv6.


Some General Terms Used

1 CPU The prioritization of the CPU and the number of cores are important factors for the performance of your virtual machine.

2 RAM The RAM is used to cache data, so that it is available more quickly than when accessed on a hard disk.
3 Disk This amount of storage is available according to your package selected.
4 SSD Boost Every VPS of the SSD Boost series is by default equipped with HDDs, which offer you a lot of space for your data, as well as SSD acceleration. By using SSDs in all of our host systems, the I/O performance (IOPS and bandwidth) of your virtual server increases noticeably. Databases and applications which require a good I/O performance are working significantly faster. Lags when accessing your data belong to the past.
5 100% SSD The Disk space of our SSD VPS consists of 100% Solid State Drives (SSDs). The I/O performance of these VPS is not comparable to standard VPS equipped with HDDs as the main data storage device. Every application that reads and writes a lot of data is accelerated significantly with a SSD VPS and will thus perform many many times faster and smoother. You require the maximum I/O performance? Then our SSD VPS are the best choice.
6 Bandwidth Now worrying about the traffic consumption of your VPS is a thing of the past: Each of our Virtual private servers has UNLIMITED TRAFFIC.
7 OS Click on Customize and order to find a broad range of available Linus distributions as well as Windows Server 2016 and 2012.
8 Root Access You have full and unrestricted access to your VPS. With Windows operating systems you can access the server via Remote Desktop Connection as Administrator. In case of a Linus operating system you will have root access via SSH. Furthermore, you can access your server via VNC by default. Should you have an administration panel like Plesk or cPanel, you can also access your server via web browser.
9 Reboot Web Interface In our customer control panel, you can perform hard or soft reboots for your VPS at any time, free of charge.
10 OS Reinstall Console In our customer control panel, you will be able to install a new operating system or reinstall the existing one. This is free or charge.
11 VNC Access VNC access, which is included for free, allows you to connect to your VPS over VNC even if it would be unreachable otherwise (for example due to a wrong firewall configuration or a kernal problem.
12 FREE IP Per default, your VPS includes the number of IP addresses stated here. Click on customize and order to add further IP addresses if you require them. It is also possible to add IP addresses at a later point of time, of course.
13 IPv6 addresses Your VPS includes a complete IPv6 /64 network. The /64 network contains 18 quintillions of IPv6 addresses (the exact number is 18.446.744.073.709.551.616 addresses). We pass this advantage on to you, meaning that you receive an almost unlimited infinite number of v6 IPs with each VPS.
14 DNS Management With the new DNS feature of our customer control panel, you can create as many DNS entries as you like. Just like everything else in our customer control panel, the DNS feature is free of charge.
15 Reverse DNS You can customize the reverse DNS entries of your IP addresses if you would like to. You will receive access to a special login area which allows you to make adjustments easily and comfortably.
16 Admin Panels An administration panel offers a comfortable web interface for managing your VPS and makes a lot of tasks easier to perform. Click on Customize and Order to view all administration panels we offer.
17 Paid Domains You can order and administrate any number of domains you wish.
18 Snapshots If your VPS supports one or several snapshots, you can always save the current state of your VPS with just one mouse click and restore it again at a later time: You create a \”Snapshot\”. Snapshots are the perfect solution in case you prefer to save the current state of your system before running a large update or software installation. If a problem occurs, you can restore the previous state with just one click. However, snapshots are not stored forever: They will be deleted automatically after a month.
19 RAID The storage space of your VPS is secured by a RAID array by default.
20 Backup Space With one of our backup upgrades, you will receive access to our backup system.
21 Monitoring We also can offer monitoring services for your VPS. In case a service becomes unavailable, you will be informed via e-mail and/or SMS.
22 Award-winning Our Data center Nuremberg was able to achieve the first place in the competition of the German Data Center Award under 65 submitted data center projects in the category 6 – Increasing Energy Efficiency through upgrading an existing data center. It has therefore been awarded with the German Data Center Award, the Deutsche Rechenzentrumspreis.
23 Highly Efficient Cooling Our Data center incorporates an intelligent and highly efficient climate control system. Thanks to environment-Friendly Free-Cooling and using groundwater for cooling we can operate our data center with remarkable lower costs than others, when it comes to energy expenses. Not only mother Earth is appreciating such, but we can also directly pass on those savings to our customers by providing budget prices.
24 DDoS protection Our DDoS protection was developed in a way that it recognizes 99% of all attack patterns which it will then filter. In all these cases your servers will stay online and available on the Internet, even if they are under attack.
25 Upstream With several 10 Gigabit uplinks, our data centers have more than enough bandwidth reserves.
26 Live support Every Day Via email, whats-app messenger and Facebook messenger, our employees are available 365 days a year to answer your questions and to assist you if you face any problems.